Dangerous & Alarming for YCP

Mr Jagan told that, if required He may go to pre poll alliance with BJP. He gave interview to important English daily journalist (Dy Editor) Yesterday he clearly told that they may have prepoll  understanding or alliance with BJP.

Again he called and requested “Don’t write alliance with BJP part now”. That gentle reporter obeyed and ommitted that part of interview.

In coming elections
if Jagan go with BJP then definitely it will be advantage for TDP in 2019 elections.

Basically YCP base is anti BJP.. mainly Muslim, Christian and Reddy etc. Mainly AP clearly divided into north & South and in particular against BJP + MODI. Now Ap people having very strong anger on BJP + Modi & TDP + NCB. It’s like prevailing strong sentiment and Jagan shouldn’t go with BJP and leave Hyderabad.

Centre is a guilty party today. Jagan should be equally critical on centre. Somebody should advise him to not to fall into the trap of TDP and probably BJP too.

No help from Centre to AP is the general feeling sweeping all over. Thanks to the hundreds of media stories in scores of kamma channels and papers. It is there for everyone to see the dismal performance of the centre.

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