Chandrababu Naidu woke from slumber on SCS

Describing YSR Congress Party as the genuine forum fighting for the Special Category Status (SCS) for the past four years, the Party MLA RK Roja has said that Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP had just woken up from the slumber and have been resorting to incoherent remarks and statements on the issue and if they dare have the guts can go to the people seeking a fresh mandate.

‘Chandrababu Naidu has no moral right to claim anything about SCS as he has sailed with BJP all the four years and is equally responsible for the denial of SCS to the state and his shouting brigade should remember that their lung power would end up in meek whimper as they have no moral ground to speak on the issue.

If they are so sincere, instead of questioning the rationale behind the resignations of our Party MPs who are on indefinite fast, not just their MPs but Chandrababu Naidu should seek a fresh mandate on the SCS plank,’ she told reporters here on Wednesday.

We have been consistent on our stand on SCS and did not change colours and the two TDP MPs who were pulled out from the NDA cabinet had made it clear that they had quit only on the word of Chandrababu Naidu and had nothing against BJP which separates milk and water, she said adding that the day the chief minister had agreed for the special package, he had mortgaged the self respect of Telugu pride in Delhi.

‘YSR Congress Party, on the other hand, had given no confidence motion 13 times in the Parliament which shows the intent and sincerity.

The Chief Minister who claims that he had made 30 trips to Delhi should announce as to what he achieved for the state and how many times did he broach SCS issue and make public the representation on the subject, if there is one.

Pooh-poohing the grading system of the governance, she said the yardstick seems to be about the level of corruption and lawlessness as Amaravathi has become the scam capital of the nation,’ she said.

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