Sebastian PC 524 Review

Young hero Kiran Abbavaram scored a blockbuster with SR Kalyanamandapam. His latest theatrical outing Sebastian PC 524 hit the marquee today. Here is the review of the film.

Story: Two college sweethearts Teja and Neelima part ways when the latter is forced to marry Rahul, the match chosen by her parents. A Madanapalli native, Sebastian, a cop with night blindness, after a series of transfers across the state, is posted in his home town at last. What connects Sebastian to Teja, Neelima and Heli? Will night blindness prove a handicap in his career growth?


Kiran Abbavaram looks settled in the role of a police constable with night blindness. He excells as a Madanapalle native and his portrayal will strike a chord with the masses. The murder mystery theme of the film demands the very best of Kiran and he is up for the job.

The director Balaji Sayyapureddy picks an intriguing storyline that revolves around a police officer with a disability and how it changes his life for the worst. He struggles a bit to hold the momentum through the course of the film but as a whole, the film is entertaining and has a fair share of bright moments.

The film banks on the murder mystery track that forms the crux and the related proceedings are narrated in a very good manner. The film has more than enough elements to sustain the attention of the audience.

Technical team:

Ghibran’s background score for the film is of top notch quality. He is a master when it comes to thriller and he has done the same with Sebastian now. His riveting soundtrack adds a whole new layer to the film. Despite the slow narrative, Sebastian carries the right essence to make for a compelling watch, thanks to good background score and spotless visual presentation.

End line: Sebastian PC 524 is a unique murder mystery



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