The producer of #Boys – Mitraaw Sharma bold photoshoot snaps going viral

Young producer Mitraaw Sharma is currently bankrolling ‘#Boys’ along with Dayanand. The teaser of the film was unveiled by Sunny Leone and it garnered a great response. The makers are now planning to release the trailer of the film in a new-age manner. The makers handed over cash prizes amounting to Rs 10,000, Rs 5000, Rs 3000 to 100 people with the ‘Common Man is our Celebrity’ promotional plan.

Mitraaw Sharma has now taken part in a bold photoshoot and she looks all things gorgeous in the same. Not often to do wee young female producers in Telugu cinema looking so very sensuous. Mitraaw is now proving that she is not just a producer but is also a great model/actress. These snaps are now going viral on social media. She is lining up a few more projects under her production house now.

Venkat Prasad is handling the cinematography for #Boys and Marthand K Venkatesh is the editor. Bekkem Ravinder and Kondapurthi Prasad are the production managers. More details will be out soon.


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