Allu Sirish and Anu’s Off-Screen Romance

Romance brewing between two co-stars is very common. A similar thing appears to be happening with Allu Arjun’s brother Allu Sirish.

The red-hot off-screen romance between Sirish and his Prema Kaadanta co-star is grabbing the attention now.

On the occasion of Christmas, Sirish sent a cake to Anu Emmanual and he wrote “Merry Christmas To My Favourite Co-Star! Muah.” In response, Anu wrote “”Loved the cake.”

There is a talk that Sirish and Anu are sharing more than just a friendly relationship and they are spending a lot of time together.

But for now, neither Sirish nor Anu have commented about the speculations on their relationship.

It appears to be that Prema Kaadanta has brewed a relationship between the lead pair Sirish and Anu Emmanual.


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