Mangalagiri NRI Hospital: Former directors siphoned the money in Covid times

The police filed the charge sheet and investigating
Former directors siphoned the money in Covid times

Huge amounts of Academy money pocketed
Diversion of funds with fake accounts
Vijayawada, May 31: A huge money siphoning scam has been unearthed by police in Mangalagiri NRI Hospital, Guntur district. The district police have investigated and found that about Rs 50 crore was siphoned off by taking advantage of the Covid period. The investigation revealed that the directors of the hospital, Mr Nimmagadda Upendranath, Dr Mani Akkineni, the Chief Co-ordinating Officer Uppala Srinivasa Rao, Chief Financial Officer Nalini Mohan and others together involved in the fraud. An internal inquiry has revealed that the scam spread to even Covid patient’s payments, apart from the siphoning of money from the NRI Academy of medical sciences.

The Anatomy of Scam.
There is a saying that the in-house thief cannot be caught even by the god. The former directors applied the same principle and practised all the malpractices possible in the hospital. They raised fake invoices during the Covid period to siphon the money into the fake accounts.
On 24th September 2020, a retired judge and his wife were admitted into the NRI Hospital. They paid Rs.2 lakh as advance for the treatment. After being discharged from the hospital, the judge asked to return the advance payment as the High court paid the treatment cost to the hospital. It was found that the advance amount was not recorded in the account books. In fact, the amounts were recorded in HIMS books. With this, an enquiry was initiated and found that at least 1500 patient records and details were not entered into the computers. The internal enquiry by the accounts department found that the former directors siphoned the crores of rupees.

On the other hand, Nimmagadda Upendranath and Dr Mani Akkineni have formed another company, NRI AS Private Limited, which produced fake invoices and siphoned off Rs.62,72,172 from the NRI Hospital. Andhra Pradesh Medical Services & Infrastructure sanctioned Rs. 2 crores for Covid Insolation Wards also diverted to the fake company’s account.
They also gave a work order of Rs.33 crore to Ratna Infrastructure Projects Ltd and paid Rs.4 crore as an advance in April 2019. The Ratan Infrastructure neither constructed the building nor has any civil work done so far.
It was also found that they had indulged in irregularities by selling management quota medical seats. Dr Mani Akkineni had claimed Rs. 75 lakhs for expensive medical equipment from the NRI Hospital for her own hospital in Vijayawada. After conducting an internal inquiry, the NRI Hospital complained to the police. The police have filed a charge sheet, and conducted investigations on the irregularities reported.


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