Ravana Lanka review

BSN Raju has directed Ravana Lanka. Krish Bandipally has produced it and Krish Bandipally, Ashmita Kaur Bakshi, Murai Sharma, Racha Ravi, Devgill, Arshiya Arshi have played lead roles in this film which has hit the theatres.


Four friends (Krish, Sandeep, Akhil and Ramya) go to Goa for vacation but one of them dies under mysterious circumstances. The others manage to escape but one day one of them gets kidnapped. Will they be able to find her?


Krish Bandipally has come up with good performance. Sandeep, Akhil and Ramya too gel well in their respective roles. Understanding the plot and its demands well, the actors have presented themselves well on screen.


The film, being a thriller, is ably supported by its technical department, especially cinematography and music. Ujjal Kumar Saha’s score gives the much needed pep, while editing is also good.

Thumbs Up

Performance of actors
Production values
Suspense filled scenes

Thumbs Down

A few unwanted scenes
Weak emotions
Bumpy narration


As the title suggests, the film is a crime and kidnap drama. It shows well the lifestyle of today’s youngsters and how they handle a tough situation. The director has handled the subject well.

On the flip side, the pain that the characters go through has not been brought out properly. Also, some scenes are not up to the mark.

On the whole, Ravana Desam is a roller coaster ride with suspense, drama, and youthfulness. A little bit of tightness in the screenplay would have made it a great show.

Rating : 3/5


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