3 Roses Webseries Review

Producer: SKN

Director: Maggie

Cinematography: Babalreddy

Editor: Uddhav

The youth are primarily drawn to Aha content. Aha is coming up with new content for the youth as well as the whole family to watch together. Maruti released the 3 Roses web series on Friday under the name “Show.” The 3 Roses web series trailer and teaser, which were created with the theme of marriage in the life of a trio, have attracted a lot of OTT lovers. Expectations for the series have risen as lead director Maruti shares part of the script. Let’s see what this series, directed by Maggie, looks like.

Story: Ritu (Isha Rebba), Jahnavi (Payal Rajput), and Indu (Purna) are girls with different backgrounds. They tend to stand on their own two feet. Viva Harsha is associated with a mode in this order. Even if he does not like it, Ritu agrees with his mother. And Jahnavi is a bold girl. All parties and pubs have a luxurious life. Apart from marriage, she works with boys across borders. It is difficult to find the right person to marry as you get older. What these three did together is another story. Want to live in someone’s shadow? With the question, we can understand what the story is.

Performances: The series is set against the backdrop of the lives of girls who are confused by love, marriage, and fascination. Ritu, Jahnavi, with the characters in this series, shows how the mentality of girls is in the present society. Isha, Payal, and Purna appeared raging with hatred towards society. The series is romantic as well as humorous. Maruti Mark has been instrumental in bringing the Kathmandu thing that is happening in our environment to life. Stir in the emotions along with the pleasure. The story, written by Ravi Namburi, was interestingly screened by director Maggie as the audience immersed themselves. is architecturally superior. Aha Mark seemed to be declining in quality.

Verdict: Isha Rebba in the role of Ritu. Verdict Isha catches the audience with her performance even when the story material is not found. As Jahnaviga, Paul shines in the bold role of telling the Rajput censor board to get to work. Her beauty makes the audience sweat. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Set in the role of a young unmarried woman who dies of old age, Isha, Hema, Prince, Satyam Rajesh, Goparaju Ramana, and Saryu starred in the film. Aaha brings the web series to the audience with another interesting story for OTT lovers. Check out this web series that is designed to be completely unrelated to the movie.

Rating: 3.5/5


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