It’s a new record in Kaleswaram

• Lifted 100TMC water by each pump house

HYDERABAD, March 16: The world’s largest multi-stage Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme lifted hundreds of TMCs water from the Godavari river in the shortest possible time and set a record. The three out of four major pump houses lifted 100TMCs of water each. The Saraswathi and Parvathi pump houses in Link-1 and Gayatri underground pump house in package-8 had lifted the 100 TMCs of water each and made the impossible possible. The Laxmi pump house is all set to reach this milestone in few days. Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) executed these pump houses in a record time and lifted the hundreds of TMC water in the shortest possible time.

The Telangana agricultural fields that once suffered from scarce water are now becoming granary. The farmers, who have been waiting for water for a long, long time, are now reforesting their lands with Kaleshwaram water’s arrival. This multi-purpose lift irrigation scheme has changed Telangana’s fate. The reservoirs and lakes in Telangana now filled with abundant water. This dream project achieved because of Chief Minister Mr Chandrasekhar Rao’s commitment and MEIL’s capabilities in execution.

How the pumps made it possible?

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao inaugurated the Laxmi, the largest pump house on the surface, on 6th July 2019. In this 522 days, the 3rd machine pumped for 1110 hours. The 13th machine worked for nearly 300 hours. This first pump house in the project, built at the confluence point of Pranahita-Godavari river and the water pumping begins here. This pump house is about to reach the 100 TMCs of water mark in next few days.

The Saraswathi pump house, which integrates the Laxmi and Parvathi, worked for 363 days and lifted 100TMCs of water to the upstream . The first machine in this pump house worked for a maximum of 1347 hours, and the 12th machine worked a minimum of 200 hours. The last pump house in Link-1, Parvathi, pumped water for 504 days and lifted 100 TMCs of water. The second machine in this pump houses pumper water for 1076 hours, and the 14th machine pumped only 333 hours.

The heart of the project – Gayatri Pumphouse

The world’s biggest underground pump house, the Gayatri, is in Link-2, package-8. MEIL commenced this gigantic pump house on 11th August 2019 and lifted 100TMC water in a very short period. The Pranahita river water pumped water through Sreepada Sagar and Yellampally to Mid-Manair. The second machine in this pump house pumped for 1703 hours, and the second machine for 1367 hours and lifts water to 111 metres height. Each machine in the Gayatri pump house release 3150 cusecs of water.

The massive pump houses built in this scheme as never before and anywhere in the world. This scheme was built to lift 3TMC per day, with 20 pump houses and 104 machines. Out of 22 pump houses, MEIL built 15 in this prestigious project.

MEIL has achieved another marvellous record by constructing massive power substations and transmission lines. The Kaleshwaram project requires 5159MW power, and out of this, MEIL has established a 4439 MW power infrastructure. It built six 400KV and 220KV substations, 260 kilometres of transmission lines and 7 kilometres of 400KV XLPE underground cable network in two years of record time.

Global players such as BHEL, Andriz and Xylam supplied the pumps and motors in the Kaleshwaram project. For the first time in the world, 17 machines established in the Laxmi pump house at Medigadda. The Laxmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi pump houses have 43 machines with a capacity of 40 MW each. These Link-1 pump houses established with 1720 MW capacity. The Saraswathi pump house at Annaram has 12 pumping units, and the Parvathi pump house at Sundilla have 14 units. These pumping units completed in the shortest period, and all the 43 machines came into use.

The world’s biggest underground Gayatri pump house in Package-8, all seven units came into use with a capacity to pump two TMC water per day. Each unit capacity is 139megawatts in this pump house. You can imagine that the size of this pump house alone can consume 973 MW of power. MEIL has established for machines at Ranganayakasagar with 135 MW capacity each. Four machines in Annapurna pump house established with 106MW capacity.


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