192 Girders Installed In record time in Polavaram

In latest update on the Polavaram Project, 192 girders were installed on the pillars on Saturday. As per a release by Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited the major milestone was completed in just 60 days in the project spillway where the authorities have completed the installation of girders on the Spillway Bridge.

With the completion of the girders on the spillway, experts are now working on shuttering and slab construction. The girders which are 23 meters long and 2 meters high, were built using 10 tons of steel and 25 cubic meters of concrete were used to make each girder. Each girder weighs 62 tons and around 1920 tons of steel and 4800 cubic meters of concrete were used to make the entire girders.They were installed on the pillars with the help of two heavy cranes of 200 tons.

The DDRP (Dam Design Review Panel) which were in Kolkata on Friday and reviewed all the designs still pending for the Polavaram project. They expressed satisfaction over the progress of the work in the spillway, fixing of gates and pillar constructions, which were on the verge of completion. They expressed confidence that the Polavaram Project would be completed by 2022 as envisaged by the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s vision.


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