Awareness on the importance of Nutrition for Health

Nadergul Delhi Public School celebrated Nutrition Week from July 20 to 25. During the celebrations, children revisited their lessons on the importance of healthy habits, establishing and following routines, healthy eating and physical well-being.

Each day of the week was dedicated to a specific healthy habit. On Munching Monday children enjoyed the break-fast, munching on healthy dry-fruits. Toasty Tuesday saw students enjoy dishes crunchy and toasty sorting food for strong teeth.

For Warm Wednesday, children took drinking hot drinks like water, milk, soup, etc which improves digestion; relieve congestion, and days to fight against various diseases. Traditional dishes and their nutritional values were the themes for Traditional Thursday.

Fruity Friday encouraged students to prefer raw and healthy fruits. The children enjoyed decorating their fruit plate with various fruits. Sumptuous Saturday culminated the Nutrition Week with an exquisite family meal time planned for together by the kids and their parents. It also marked the fabulous celebrations of the Parents Day, inculcating the value of a family that eating together is an important part of the family bonding.


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