Covid-19 Travel Restrictions eased for International Destinations

When Covid-19 previously began to spread, a nationwide lockdown was declared. This lockdown meant that everything would be shut down in the country, from shops to all kinds of transport. Worldwide travel has especially become a concern all over the world, with the ever-expanding number of Coronavirus cases.

India and other countries have slowly started to ease up these restrictions, allowing people to fly to India, and to abroad as well. India has currently opened flights to and from the USA, the UK, France, Canada, UAE, and Germany.

Nationals and residents of the country can travel to and from the countries, and others, with valid visas can travel as well. A person should have a valid visa for at least a month to travel to that country. Tourist visas are an exception.

The US embassy has also started accepting and giving student visas, so that they can start college in the US from the upcoming semester.


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