RGV planning to make his own Biopic

A controversy director Ram Gopal Varma now planning to make his own biopic, after his films like Laxmi’s NTR and power star. By using his twitter account, Ram Gopal Varma announced about the upcoming movie about his life. He tweeted, “BOMMAKU CREATIONS production house is all set to produce a 3 part biopic film on my life ..it will be very very controversial .The film is being produced by BOMMAKU MURALI,WRITTEN and SUPERVISED by ME and directed by debutant DORASAI TEJA ..shoot starts in September.

Each part of the 3 parts of my biopic will be around 2 hours in length with all 3 parts together being around 6 hours. Each part of my biopic will be about my various age periods and various phases of my life. In PART 1 a new actor is playing me when i was 20 years old A different actor will be playing in PART 2 and I will be playing Myself in part 3 “. He also went on to briefly describe what each part of these movies will offer.

He tweeted, ‘ PART 1 is “RAMU” Apart from my college days,firsr loves and gang fights in Vijaywada ,It will be about how i cunningly manipulated and made SHIVA . PART 2 is “RAM GOPAL VARMA”. It will be about my life in Mumbai with Girls, Gangsters and Amitabh Bachchan. PART 3 is “RGV”—The Intelligent idiot. It will be about my failures and my radical thoughts on God, Sex and Society. He also mentioned, he will be not only providing script for these movies but will also be supervising the direction.


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