Movie Review: Manchi Rojulochaie

Manchi Rojulochaie, a comedy entertainer starring Santosh Shobhan and Mehreen hit the theatres today. The film is directed by Maruthi. Here’s the review of the comedy caper.

Story: An overprotective father Gopal(Ajay Ghosh) does everything he can to dismantle the love life between his daughter Padma(Mehreen) and Santu (Santhosh Shobhan). He is concerned that his daughter’s love life might affect his family’s happiness. But more often than not, he finds himself in comical situations. How will the young couple Padma and Santu tackle the nosy Gopal?


Santosh Shobhan is a natural actor and he shoulders his role with utmost ease and charm. He delivers a subtle and apt performance in the role of a happy-go-lucky lad who has to deal with a nosy would-be father-in-law. Mehreen as Padma comes up with a winning act as well. She looks gorgeous on the screen and emotes equally well. Ajay Ghosh drivers a spotless performance in the role of an overprotective father. The rest of the support cast add comical touch to the narrative.

Technical Departments:

Maruthi is a master when it comes to narrating simple and relatable subjects in an entertaining manner. He picks a simply comical story set in the Covid backdrop and laces it with an effective comedy track. He generates all the comedy through the lead and the supporting characters by cooking up comical situations. The background score is impressive and so is the cinematography. The production values are of elite quality. Every frame looks rich and aesthetically appealing.

Verdict: Manchi Rojulochaie is a proper comedy entertainer that keeps the viewers engaged with situational comedy. The relatable plot and the comedy track that has been induced into it are compelling. The film makes for a good watch with the family this Diwali weekend.

Rating: 3.25/5


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