MAA elections were held in an utterly poor manner: Actor Charan Teja

Much is being said and done about the MAA elections. Now, actor Charan Teja has stated that MAA elections were held in an utterly poor manner.

“My name is Charan Teja. I’m a member of MAA. I am terribly disappointed with the way the MAA elections were held. A few influential people stationed at the polling Center started abusing the MAA melebers and pressurised everyone to vote for them. Mohan Babu garu was seated right there and he kept witnessing everything without speaking against it. Even after 11 MAA members resigned, Manchu Vishnu garu didn’t care about it and took charge as MAA chief. He didn’t even speak about the resignation.

I spoke with Krishna Mohan garu about the same and he agreed to take the complaint. But when I followed up, he said Vishnu took charge and he can’t take the complaint not. If those in power can’t help small actors like us what happens to others? I will not leave this here. I will fight till justice is served.

I am asking the election officer Krishna Mohan garu to take up the responsibility at least now. I want a re-election at the earliest and until that happens, I will keep trying my best.”


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