Thanks to Jagan’s padayatra, everyone is talking about special status

YS Jagan’s historic Padayatra has become a game changer. The yatra, which has received national attention, has set the agenda in Andhra Pradesh politics. His yatra has made TDP jittery and gave the Congress and TDP sleepless nights.

It is because of Jagan’s efforts that special status to Andhra Pradesh is a strong political issue today. When ruling TDP sought to push the issue under the carpet and when Chandrababu sacrificed the interests of the state to extricate himself from the Cash for Vote scam, it was Jagan who fought on the issue. His tireless campaign for over five years has served to put the issue on top of the political agenda. He made his MPs resign on the issue of special status and this has forced the hand of Chandrababu Naidu. He had to stop his game of taking U Turns and leave the NDA.

Reassurance from Navaratnams

All along his padayatra, the people from all walks of life have met him and poured out their tales of woe. There were complaints galore about irregularities in pensions, janmabhoomi committee activities, sand and mineral mining. From teachers to unorganised sector workers, everyone wanted relief from TDP’s misrule.

YS Jagan repeatedly reassured the people that happier days would soon be here. He reassured them through the promise of Nagaratnas. He also explained about what he would do if he came to power.

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