When Rajasekhar Rejected 40 Subjects

The teaser of ‘Garuda Vega’ was released in the presence of the film’s main cast and crew members, at Prasad Labs, on Friday. Jeevitha Rajasekhar, who has traveled with the project right since it her husband got on board, introduced all the film’s team to the media.

Rajasekhar said, “Even though I had been wanting to meet the press, I couldn’t do it because of my pre-occupation with the film. I love to talk with the media to heart’s content. I wanted to tell a lot today. Recently, my daughter’s friend watched the Teaser and told her that I shouldn’t say anything as the Teaser speaks for itself. I have had failures in a row. There has also been a lot of gap since my last movie. Some reports have said that I would be playing a villain or a character artiste in some movies. I too thought that, maybe, I should do that because they think I am ageing. I had listened to at least 30-40 subjects.”

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