MEIL inaugurates safe drinking water scheme in Jamulapally

Megha Engineering will be in the forefront in addressing various basic issues in the villages assured it’s chairman Mr.PP Reddy. Addressing the gathering after inaugurating the door to door safe drinking water supply scheme he said it is his privilege to serve his native village. Under corporate social responsibility (CSR), MEIL has taken up several welfare programs in rural areas of both the Telugu states.

He promised on this occasion to develop local area hospital with all latest amenities. He expressed his gratitude to his native village for giving birth to him and also his mother. It has become customary for his family to visit the village every year during the Sankranthi celebrations. He also extended thanks to the village residents for showing such warmth and affection, which helped him to reach the present status in life.

He wants to reciprocate this with taking up several social welfare measures to benefit the villagers. He requested the villagers to approach him for whatever need they want and offered to fulfil the same. His wife Ms Rama Reddy, daughters Ms.Megha Reddy, Ms.Manjali Reddy and village elder Mr Jangamaiah Reddy also participated on this occasion.

Safe drinking water to all

Megha Engineering and Infrastructure (MEIL) under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities have taken up a drinking water supply project in Jamulapally Village of East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. MEIL chairman Mr PP Reddy wants to help his native village residents by providing safe drinking water. Modernised two overhead water tanks with a capacity of 40,000 and 20,000-kilolitres. Every house in the village is connected taps by the feral method. With this latest technology of water supply every house in the village will get the water with the same pressure.

MEIL spent about Rs. 50 lakhs for this project. This method earlier used by Telangana Government in its mission Bhagiratha scheme. To supply safe drinking water to every resident in Jamulapally village MEIL built 8km pipeline with superior standards. To serve his mother land MEIL chairman Mr.PP Reddy also established two mineral water plants, 12KV solar power plant in the village. With his sincere efforts, everyone in the village getting safe drinking water.

Solar power plant supplying power to street lights and 240 houses getting power for two bulbs and a fan. Mr PP Reddy also built Marriage hall with all modern amenities. MEIL has built better infrastructure like cement roads, park, the walkway in the village. Mr.PP Reddy donated benches to the local school. Constructed community toilets, and installed benches on walkways to relax elderly people. Mr PP Reddy also established a safe drinking water plant in adjacent Narsingapur village and donated benches to the local school.

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