Megha set another Pattiseema Record

Pattisam project has added another feather to its hat. Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd. (MEIL), which set a record in the execution of the Pattisam project, has set another record in the management of the project. MEIL has diverted 100 TMC of water from River Godavari to River Krishna through a lift system and has set a new record, in 148 days continues pumping of 24 Motors with a span of nearly 70 thousand hours pumping with consumption of 25, 36, 06,000 Kilo watts.
• Pattisam project is a prestigious project that has linked the mighty rivers of Krishna and Godavari. MEIL completed the execution of the project within the scheduled time.
• The main objective of the project is to divert 80 TMC of water from Godavari and Krishna in 110 days.
• In this year, the project has diverted 100 TMC of water in 148 days. This is a 20% increase over the intended usage of the project.
• Pattisam is the only project in India to divert 100 TMC of water in one season.
• In this year, 98% of the acreage under river Krishna has been brought under cultivation. This has never happened in the past.
• Normally, in any lift irrigation project, the pumps and motors are put to use only for three months or less every year. In Pattisam project, all the 24 motors have been functional for the last 4 months.
24 motors, one lakh twenty thousand hours, 159 TMC of diverted water – these are the numbers that stand as a testimony to the success of the Pattisam project. The project, which was completed before time by MEIL and subsequently entered into the Limca Book of Records, was successful in diverting 100 TMC of water this year from River Godavari to Krishna Delta. MEIL took over the execution of the project on 30th March 2015 and executed the project within the stipulated 365 days on March 20th, 2016.
Pattisam is the first project in India to be completed on time without any budgetary enhancements. In spite of many challenges and setbacks, the management of MEIL planned diligently and employed a workforce of 2000 to complete the project. The first pump was made functional in 173 days (on 18th September 2015) and water was released.
MEIL was successful in the construction of critical components like building a diaphragm wall below sea level by using indigenous technology. The project team executed the project without deviating from quality standards, without extended the specified timeline, and within the stipulated budget.
The pumphouse which is spread across an area of 7476 sq. m. is the largest in Asia. This is the first such project executed in India. The project pumps 240 cumecs of water through 24 pumps. After the completion of the project, the pumps have been operational for 1.2 lakh hours till now. This means that each pump has been operational for 5000 hours without any hurdles. The pumps were successful in diverting 4 TMC of water in 93 days in the first year (2015), 55.6 TMC of water in 137 days in 2016, and 148 TMC of water till now in 2017.
In a situation, where experts were apprehensive that the construction and management of lift irrigation projects would be a costly proposition, MEIL proved its mettle by completing the project with the support of the state government. In these three years, experts have estimated that the farmers of Krishna Delta were able to reap benefits to an extent of Rs. 24000 crores.
This year, the farmers of Krishna Delta received water to their farmlands in the beginning of July. This has never happened in the past. These farmers sowed their paddy crops in the months of October and November every year due to water scarcity. They incurred heavy losses when their crops were inundated during the monsoons and other calamities. After the completion of the Pattisam project, the farmers have started receiving water on time. As a result, they are reaping the benefits of a good harvest without any obstacles.  The officials from irrigation and water resources department are able to ascertain the actual reason behind such abundant harvests.

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