Meeting of kcr

Director, Tamil Nadu, Telugu Youth, the president of our association secretary nares hasya ketireddi jagadisvarareddi .Sina actors actor Ali, who was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Telangana Bhavan KALVAKUNTLA Chandrasekhar Rao’s progress during the ketireddi jagadisvarareddi emitting greet with reporters, said that “some positive steps at the end of the transition kesiar to […]

MEIL’s Oncology building with ultra- modern amenities to support cancer patients

Hyderabad: Hon’ble Minister Sri KT Ramarao has inaugurated the new building for Oncology department in NIMS on 13th September. This building is sponsored by MEIL (Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd.) under their Charity. MEIL has constructed this building with their own cost and set-up all medical and treatment equipments along with full-fledged establishment of Intensive […]

Oncology building with ultra- modern amenities:MEIL’s charity to the benefit of cancer patients

Megha Engineering Infrastructures Ltd. which always stands in the forefront in social service activities has built an Oncology building in NIMS, Hyderabad with all modern amenities on par with corporate hospitals.And it is all set for inauguration. Study of cancers in medical parlance is called Oncology. Cancer cases are on raise in India. Cancer has […]